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  • Location: Half Moon Bay, CA
  • Quantities: 250 LF of 5' concrete piers
  • Job Duration: 11 Working Days
  • Volume Generated: 285 Tons removed for a 100% diversion rate


  • Coordinate with City of Half Moon Bay and Coastal Commission to obtain beach access for crews and heavy equipment.
  • Coordinate with AECOM and Environmentalists to develop a safe and efficient work plan.
  • Coordinate with Ritz Carlton and HMB Golf Links to establish ingress / egress to job site.
  • Obtain $35,000,000.00 project specific GL policy from surety company, prior to commencement.
  • Install and maintain (1) 600′ construction road, starting at the end of Miramontes Point, finishing at the bluff edge. Road consisted of post-driven chainlink fencing with privacy mesh, and 1.5″ steel plating.
  • Remove and dispose of exposed piers and grade-beams.
  • Demobilize crane and equipment and disassemble construction road.