Saratoga Commercial Demolition Company

A beautiful city in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Saratoga, California is known for its wineries and small-town feel. With wineries and parks and plenty of beautiful homes, it only makes sense that many people throughout the region love to visit Saratoga on the weekend and many others want to call it home!

Despite the striking lack of tall buildings, there is still plenty of construction being done in the Saratoga area. Much of this construction is actually renovation of older properties, since locals don’t want to encroach on the forestry around the town. This means that demolition and remodeling is the way to go—something that a regular contractor simply cannot do as well as a specialist.

SV Demolition is a locally-owned and operated demolition company that works extensively in the Saratoga area. Our experts are comfortable with both full scale demo projects and selective jobs that can be done even when nearby businesses remain open.

SV Demolition Company Saratoga, CA

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