Union City

Union City Commercial Demolition Company

In the scheme of things, Union City, California is a relatively new city. It was incorporated in 1959 when Alvarado, New Haven and Decoto merged. Union City has a balanced economy with manufacturing, especially in the wine industry, having a big impact on the local finances. However, the city is growing both as a place to live and from a commercial standpoint.

As more and more people see Union City as a place to call home or open a business, there will be more construction completed in the area. When old structures need to come down or require significant renovation, working with a Union City demolition specialist is usually the way to go.

SV Demolition is the top choice for demolition in the Union City area. A locally owned and operated business, SV Demolition serves residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the San Francisco and Silicon Valley region. The team is experienced and licensed to work in the state of California.

SV Demolition Company Union City, CA

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