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7. Jul 2017

OSHA Rescinds Union Walk Through Memo

In 2013, OSHA issued a memo stating the agency would allow a non-employee union representative to act as the employee representative during an inspection of a company that had no current bargaining units. This was only if the specific individual was authorized by the employees to act as the representative at the discretion of the […]

15. Jun 2017

Maintaining Safety on Demolition Sites

Demolishing a building takes careful planning and research. Professional demolition contractors must make employee safety as well as environmental safety a top priority. If not, they could lose their business licenses. Similar to general contractors, demolition crews must follow OSHA standards that protect employee safety, and they must follow EPA regulations about environmentally safe demolition […]

8. Jun 2017

Demolition Site Safety

The construction industry deals with many hazards, and the demolition process is like construction in reverse. This presents additional hazards to address. SV Demolition follows the best practices as well as regulations to ensure the highest levels of safety while conducting a demolition in the most efficient manner. The risks inherent in demolition are quickly […]