1. Jun 2017

Deconstruction as A Viable Alternative to Demolition

Anyone living in the Greater Bay Area most likely knows the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Can this concept apply to a major building renovation? Absolutely. SV Demolition contractors can salvage historic or reusable materials, while preparing the property for a new development or renovation. Deconstruction is becoming a popular choice among sustainability advocates, and it can offer some saving is cost.

Top Reasons to Consider Deconstruction Instead of Demolition

Environmental Benefits

According to the EPA, demolition projects, new construction, and renovations product over 25% of the total solid waste volume in the U.S. If one quarter of buildings being demolished were deconstructed instead, nearly 20 million tons of waste could be diverted from landfills. This aids the environment by preventing usable material from landing in the dump.

In turn, this lowers the amount of greenhouse gas emission produced by landfill incinerators, prevents contaminated groundwater, and lessens dust in the atmosphere. It also decreases the need for producing new materials using greater energy consumption, and reusing materials locally decreases the need for shipping to other areas.

Financial Benefits.

Many times, deconstruction can be more affordable than a conventional demolition. Donating leftover materials may generate tax deductions into the thousands of dollars. In other circumstances, you can take parts of your previous home and reuse them in the construction of a new home. This saves money on future renovation costs. In addition, demolition will have associated waste disposal fees attached. At one local Silicon Valley landfill, demolition debris is charged at $30 per cubic foot. One standard truck load can be as much as 486 cubic feet. That’s $14,580 in landfill fees.

Choosing Deconstruction

You may want to consider various methods of renovating your space when redeveloping a property. For an increasing number of people, deconstruction represents a rational solution to renovation needs. You save time and money while decreasing your “carbon footprint” and helping improve the environment.

If you do choose deconstruction, we recommend using a profession, reliable demolition company. You will need the expertise to evaluate your building and pinpoint the salvageable materials based on aesthetic and utility values. We also know how to identify, remove, and safely dispose or recycle hazardous materials according to EPA and OSHA regulations, as well as local and state mandates. Contact SV Demolition today to learn more about deconstruction as an alternative to demolition.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services while maintaining the safest practices in the industry.